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The first Valortech Summer School succsessfully completed

The Summer School “Valorization of Food Industry Wastes and By-products”, held in hybrid mode on 28-30.09, offered the 25 registered participants the opportunity to gain experiences through different workshops, lectures and visits. The event, which lasted 3 days, introduced students to the major advances in management and valorization strategies of food wastes and by-products. The schedule was filled with interesting lectures and hands-on sessions, teaching students various techniques and technologies to be employed for obtaining value-added bioactive components with potential food and pharmaceutical applications.

All the lectures and workshops were streamed online, with group work sessions bringing together the onsite and online participants for joint discussions and presentations.

The Valortech team would like to give special thanks to the guest lecturers Assoc. Prof. Apostolis Koutinas (Univ. of Athens) and Miguel Herrero (CIAL-CSIC) for sharing the valuable knowledge, and to all the participants for their active involvment.

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