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ERA Chair holder


Prof. Rajeev Bhat

Professor (and ERA Chair holder in Valortech) at the Estonian University of Life Sciences (Estonia)


Rajeev Bhat has an extensive ‘Research and Teaching’ experience of more than 20 years in the field of agri-food technology, with his research expertise focusing mainly on various issues pertaining to ‘Sustainable Food Production’ and ‘Food Security.’ He holds International work experiences in India, South Korea, Malaysia, Germany, Fiji Islands and now in Estonia. Till date, he has nearly 200 research articles published in ISI based journals and as refereed book chapters; has edited 06 books and authored one book; is in the editorial board of leading international journals, and has been the scientific committee member and invited speaker in various international conferences. He is also a recipient of several prestigious international awards and recognitions conferred by various institutions of higher learning and research establishments. 

ERA Chair Professor
tel: 731 3927
Kreutzwaldi 56/5–215


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