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Visit to 'Anu Ait OÜ'

From left: Toomas Tiirats, Anu Hellenurme, Rajeev Bhat

Rajeev Bhat and Toomas Tiirats visited the locally recognized, well-established agri-food based company 'Anu Ait OÜ' in Tartu city on 30 June 2021. This company, established in late 1990's offers reliable and best solutions for livestock feed production in the local market. Fruitful discussions were held with Anu Hellenurme (CEO of the company) on opportunities for collaborations with ERA-Chair in Valortech activities. Rajeev and Toomas put-forth various activities undertaken in the Valortech project, especially on sustainable management of food industrial wastes/by-products and valorization strategies adopted. A visit was made to the production unit, which was followed by a brief presentation on the activities of the company, presented by Anu Hellenurme. Scope for future collaborations in R & D activities and technology transfer were discussed, specifically based on livestock feed production. The marketing options for developing novel low cost, safe and nutritious livestock feeds from fruits and vegetable wastes/by-products was discussed in detail. Further, opportunities to work closely with the Estonian Chamber of Agriculture and Commerce, as well as applying for research grants were also considered.

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